How To Choose The Best Organic Cleanser For Your Skin

best organic cleanser
best organic cleanser

Where do you sit on the skin cleansing fence? Are you obsessive about ensuring every pore feels squeaky clean, or is it something you tend to by-pass altogether? 

Neither end of the spectrum is ideal. On one hand, you don’t want to strip your skin of all its natural oils. On the other, you don’t want to allow grime and pollution to accumulate and clog up pores. 

I’m often asked how to choose the best organic face cleanser. Here are my top tips: 

Look for a natural face cleanser 

I’ve always been fastidious about keeping my skin clean and I think I’ve tried every product under the sun. I’ve always gravitated towards a natural face cleanser. It was important for me to develop an organic face cleanser. I have an unwavering belief that Mother Nature has already provided us with everything we need. We just need to understand how to harness the potency of plant-powered skincare. 

Understand your skin type 

Is your skin normal, dry, oily, sensitive or combination? If you’re not sure, visit my article about the best organic facial products for your skin type to find out. 

  • Normal skin – look for a face cleansing balm that’s not too heavy, nor too light and something that will leave your complexion moisturised. 
  • Dry skin – don’t make the mistake that a cleanser makes your skin even dryer; it is still vulnerable to daily dirt, grime and pollution. In the case of dry skin, you need to look for a cleanser that will keep the complexion hydrated. 
  • Oily skin – avoid anything too heavy and seek out an organic face cleanser with antioxidant and antibacterial properties.   
  • Sensitive skin – look for a cleansing face balm with antioxidant and antibacterial qualities to help with inflammation.
  • Combination skin – similar to normal skin, you should seek a cleansing facial balm that it neither too heavy nor too light, but will also leave your skin feeling hydrated. 

What makes Franchine Young Wonder Balm the best all-round face balm cleanser? 

I call Wonder Balm my little miracle worker! Having spent literally years perfecting this organic face cleanser, I am convinced it is one of the best face balm solutions for all different skin types. Wonder Balm is a naturally active, organic plant-based formula I developed to repair and restore. Each hand-poured jar contains:

  • Organic rapeseed, argan and borage seed oils rich in omega-6 fatty acids, vitamins A, E and K and anti-inflammatories;
  • Wonderfully nourishing and antioxidant-packed cocoa and shea butters;
  • Beeswax for its amazing healing benefits;
  • An Irish blend of essential oils (including lavender geranium, myrrh, clary sage, frankincense, tree basil and lemon) specifically chosen for their properties in the fight against ageing and problematic skin.

The result is the best facial balm for leaving your complexion softer, hydrated and with a radiant, healthy glow.

How to apply your organic face cleanser 

I recommend dabbing a small amount onto the face and then, using your fingertips or a jade roller, massage gently and thoroughly. This really enables the Wonder Balm to penetrate deep into pores. If you have time, the longer you can massage, the better. Then, using a clean cloth (we provide a free organic Muslin face cloth with every Wonder Balm purchase) and warm water, simply remove the balm. Never use hot water on your skin as this can damage capillaries. This balm for your face will leave your complexion feeling spotless as well as deeply hydrated. If you have normal or dry skin then I would recommend reapplying Wonder Balm, this time using it as leave-on moisturiser. If you don’t have time to use your cleansing face balm morning and night, then sacrifice the morning routine. It’s far more important your organic face cleanser works in the evening to remove all that pollution, grime and damage from the day. 

I hope I’ve helped you answer the question of how to choose the best organic face cleanser for your skin. I’d love to hear how you get on, so don’t hesitate to reach out to me or to ask any other questions. Meantime, please find out more about our lucscious Wonder Balm – I have no doubt this will leave your skin cleansed. Even better, it will feel and look positively sublime. 

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