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Silk Masks


Silk face masks are gentler on your skin compared with polyester or other types of face masks and are more breathable than multi-layer cotton. Then there’s the touchability factor – silk masks are decidedly more luxurious.


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100% Silk Masks with Pouch

As social distancing and COVID-19 precautions continue, more and more people are experiencing skin irritability and problems resulting from wearing masks. Although masks play a role in helping to minimise the spread of the virus, they trap sweat, skin oils and bacteria. Add to this the constant rub of material on skin and the result can be a break-out of acne or a painful rash. Silk masks not only offer more protection than cotton or polyester, the texture is far gentler on skin. Moreover, they look beautiful!

– All skin types 
– Particularly suited to sensitive and/or acne-prone complexions
– Ideal for those whose skin is reacting to harsher-feeling polyester or cotton face masks


  • Minimises ‘maskne’ – when the skin breaks out in fine acne and/or experiences patches of itchy dryness 
  • More effective than cotton or polyester masks in stopping the spread of virus 
  • Multi-use – simply wash in soap and warm water, dry, and it’s ready to use again

Washing/Care Instructions

  • Hand wash only 
  • Do not bleach 
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Dry on a flat surface in the shade
  • Iron on low heat

Why you will fall in love.

  • 100% silk 
  • Gentle on the skin 
  • Minimises ‘maskne’ 
  • Made by hand and with love in Northern Ireland 
  • Looking great in lockdown – keep your style and your cool 

Franchine says..

I know too many people whose skin has suffered from masks during lockdown. It’s a pleasure to provide a barrier that helps resist the virus, and is as gentle and soothing as possible on skin. These beautiful masks are made by hand in Northern Ireland and support women in business, something that is very dear to me. What’s more, they really do look like hand-made works of art!”


Disclaimer: this is a non-medical face mask and is not classed as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). It should not be used in a medical setting or when the use of a medical device or PPE is required.

Warning: Do not use this face mask on children under age 4, any person who has trouble breathing or is unconscious, incapacitated or otherwise unable to remove the masks themselves.