Why Should You Use Organic Products For Your Skin


Clean products are better for your skin, your health and our planet. Next time you hit the ‘buy’ button online, or lift a product from your local outlet, think about the journey of that product. Where have all the ingredients travelled from? Were pesticides included? Or worse, what chemicals did the laboratories include? Ask yourself how long did they lie in a warehouse for? What journey did they take to reach their final destination? To be blended in large factories and stored for shipping around the world, and how long have they been stacked in storage for, waiting to be distributed to shops?

 My mind boggles when I think that after all of that we still expect it to be good for us, to heal and restore and perform miracles!

When I first started the journey of my own brand, I brainstormed on my whiteboard. I included these few words: ethical, organic, cruelty free, skincare revolution. Using clean, green products shouldn’t have to be a revolution, it should be the norm. But we have moved so far away from clean beauty products that we rarely question what it is we’re buying and using. It is time to wake up. 

There are many toxic ingredients in our beauty products that we fail to question. Every marketing campaign targeting women of all ages relies on our fear of ageing. And so, rather than conscious and ethical buying we tend to buy because we believe the hype.  We also tend to believe the messaging that looking older is something we need to avoid. (See the blog post about anti ageing). 

So, how are Franchine Young Ireland products made?

When I say from field to face® I mean I have sourced ingredients from ethical suppliers. I have shipped them directly to me for blending. That’s it. No in between. No laboratories, warehouses, chemicals, preservatives, fillers. Just honest plant based oils and ingredients that soothe, repair, care for and nourish our skin. No one was harmed at any stage of the journey. Our ingredients are harvested fresh and brought together by me,  for you to enjoy. It’s a synergy that just works. Minimalist and ethical. I don’t know why we have succumbed to the belief that good skin = lots of products with sciency names and false promises based on market research. Market research is a business in itself – and not always a genuinely objective one!

Why Choose Organic products?

Our Mother Nature’s Method ® works in harmony with you and our planet – it’s the way we are meant to live. To take from nature what we need, harvest responsibly, used wisely and do no harm. 

I don’t know about you – but I am sick of the mainstream selection of beauty products available to us. It should be easy to buy transparent products. It should be easy to understand their ingredients and their benefits and easy to trace their journey from start to finish. The buying choices you make will always have consequences for you and your planet, so please choose wisely. 

At Franchine Young Ireland (FYI) we know where our ingredients started out. How and when they were harvested and how long it took to get from Field to Face ® – Check all our products here. And please do not forget to contact us if you have any questions at all regarding your own skin routine – we’d love to hear from you!

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