Minimalist Skincare: The Secret to Bare Faced Beauty?

Franchine Young

A journey that started with problematic menopausal skin has resulted in the emergence of our ‘less is more’ organic skincare brand. It’s made with love, a passion for pure ingredients, simplified skincare and a desire to protect the environment. In this month’s blog, Franchine Young asks if skincare minimalism is the secret to bare-faced beauty?

2020 and 2021 have been the most disruptive years in living memory. Who knew we would be going into lockdown, swapping the office and classroom for homeworking and schooling, decluttering our homes and with consumerism firmly on the backburner learning important life lessons that ‘less is actually more?’

There is no doubt people have pared back. An unexpected benefit of Covid is with the world at a halt, we have paused, taken stock and thought more deeply about taking better care of ourselves and the planet by spending our money more on what we need as opposed to what we want.

In its latest trends report Pinterest, the visual search programme predicted that minimalist skincare regimes were set to dominate 2021. Add to that a global health crisis and more beauty consumers are now resisting the allure of new products with their promises and claims and instead choosing to do more for their skin with less.

The age of ‘Skin-minimalism’ has finally dawned with more women wanting fewer, better, more sustainable, multi-purpose products. A ‘green’ conversation exploring the meaning of what’s essential in beauty is underway. There is a movement towards reducing consumption by buying less, investing in longer-lasting products with fewer ingredients and ensuring they are finished before buying more.

Consumers are thinking more mindfully about what they really want, changing their cosmetic usage and being a lot more careful in their choices well before they get to the point of purchase. They are becoming more questioning and curious about active ingredients; efficacy claims and asking: “Is this really essential for my skin?”

It is women who are leading on the ‘low consumption model’ leaving the beauty industry to catch up. It’s one of the world’s most unsustainable driven by a need to market and sell the latest, new improved solve-all-your-problems products. But it is now being driven to change.

Franchine Young Ireland; an emerging organic brand with a ‘passion for pure ingredients, simplified skincare and a desire to protect the environment is already ahead of the curve. The journey which began in response to troublesome menopausal skin has resulted in the creation of a small but high-quality range of ‘plant powered’ products that are healing, natural and good.

Franchine said: “Nature and purity have always drawn me in but I got to the stage in life where I wanted simplicity in everything, including my skincare. I loved the idea of a multi-use product. My knowledge of essential oils and plants was sound but I still spent months researching at a much deeper level and experimenting with various organic blends and intensities before creating a winning combination in a balm which can do so many things.”

In just four small bottles, she has created a range of organic skincare products that will moisturise, rehydrate, balance and tone.

The Wonder Balm (which smells divine) acts as a cleanser and or moisturiser depending on the condition of the skin and is especially soothing and suited for those undergoing hormonal changes. It works to repair and restore, leaving the complexion softer, hydrated and with a radiant healthy glow.

The Rose Water Toner is another multi-tasker, toning, tightening, hydrating and helping to relieve irritation, restore PH levels, reduce acne and minimise fine lines. For the ultimate hydrating, anti-ageing, nighttime experience the organic Argan Oil and Prickly Pear Seed Oil have formidable antioxidant and other healing properties.

Denise Clements

Denise Clements, a fan of Franchine Young Ireland’s products posted: “I’ve been using the Mother Nature’s Method (MNM) for a week now. The difference in my skin is amazing. I’ve already ditched my foundation and gone back to mascara, blusher and a smidge of lipstick during the day for the first time in about 20-years.”

The ‘MNM’ is unique to the Franchine Young Ireland offer and combines a three-step skin routine with the use of the Argan and Prickly Pear oil bundles. The process to say goodbye to dry and dehydrated, dull, lifeless, itchy and oily skin involves

• Cleansing by applying Wonder Balm to the face in circular motions. Massaging in before removing with a facecloth and water.

• Toning by applying the organic Rosewater to perfectly cleansed skin. This is the final stage to thoroughly clean and tone. Pores will appear tightened and the complexion is radiant.
• Hydrating by applying the Wonder Balm again or for the ultimate in night-time luxury, applying your choice of Argan or Prickly Pear Seed oils in light circular motions to wake up with deeply hydrated, plump skin.

Franchine makes this a daily habit and is fully subscribed to the skin-minimalist philosophy choosing to use little or no makeup with the exception of an organic tinted SPF.

She said: “It took me many years to discover the true meaning of the saying ‘less is more,’ slowing down, using less and sometimes even doing less.

“As a child I often watched my mum use two products to care for her skin, a cleanser and moisturiser. Her skin always glowed and she looked much younger than her years. As my skin reacted to hormonal changes, I cranked up my addiction to skincare products. The more I tried, the worse my skin became.

“Minimalist to me means this, the best quality products to deep clean, hydrate, protect and treat without having a complex, multi-layered product approach.

“We have been marketed to for so long that we believe the hype. Ultimately we want clean, smooth and glowing skin. I found the answer to that when I reduced the products and returned to the ingredients that do ‘no harm to me, the earth or its inhabitants.’

“If we really stopped to pay attention to the chemicals we spread on our faces on a daily basis we would be frightened of the potential side effects. My skin has never looked as well as it does now and I use the bare minimum.

Franchine recommends eating a balanced diet, drinking plenty of water, taking exercise and eight hours of sleep a night coupled with a good skincare routine using the finest, ethically sourced organic products.

The secret to happy skin, she says, is going back to basics.

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