Meno[pause], slow down and take a deep breath using Franchine Young Ireland organic skincare products as part of your self-love journey

Franchine Young Ireland organic skincare

How Franchine Young Ireland Organic Rose Water can help you to develop a practice of self-love

First, we have to slow down intentionally.

Today’s world is fast paced, multi-tasking and reliant on immediate responses – we almost need to be omnipresent! In many ways we have lost the connection to our beautiful planet – relying on fast food, fast goods and instant gratification and rewards through our keyboards. This hectic world can lead to high levels of stress and burn out.

During perimenopause and menopause, hormonal changes can further increase stress levels, which makes it even more important to pause, slow down and take time for yourself.

Globally our communities learned so much in a ‘covid restricted’ world – mostly we were reminded of what we had left behind in favour of today’s fast-paced society.    

If you want to start to practise a slower way of living and also find out how Franchine Young Ireland organic skincare products can help you do this, then read on…..

Mindful living

‘A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step’

Mindful living begins with paying attention to the detail within our lives. Mindfully buying and choosing organic, clean and cruelty-free goods and products gives us the power as a consumer to influence change and know that we ‘DO NO HARM’ to ourselves and our planet. Choosing organic skincare products that can become part of a self-love practice helps us to create small, daily rituals that our bodies and minds benefit from.

Make time for nature

Immersing ourselves in nature, whether it is a forest walk, a stroll barefooted in the sand or even just opening a window and allowing the natural sunlight to warm your skin for a few minutes, can give you the opportunity to open up a space in which you can ground yourself and experience self-love.

Mindful meditation

This beautiful practice, that has been around for thousands of years, can be done just about anywhere – even while doing the dishes or eating a biscuit with a cuppa!! The benefits are almost instant, but the best way I have found to do it is with a daily routine using organic skincare.

Every evening as I apply FYI Organic Wonder Balm I begin with a deep breath and light massaging strokes around my face, neck and upper body. I follow with a spritz of beautiful FYI Organic Rose Water Toner to my face, hair and upper body, breathing in deeply the rich aroma of this ancient ingredient. Using this time to pause, breathe and reflect on gratitude makes mindful meditation effortless.

With every FYI Organic Wonder Balm purchase you will receive some free positive affirmations as a reminder for positive self-talk.

Practise self-love

Self-love is about finding the space to slow down and mindfully move forward with a daily practice that keeps you in harmony with all living things. When finding this space seems impossible then use the daily skincare rituals you already have in place – it can be that easy! 

A spritz of FYI Organic Rose Water Toner is the perfect product to compliment your self-love routine. 

Rose water was first used by the Romans as a fragrance and it is widely used today to enhance skincare routines by hydrating and soothing the skin after a cleanse. But rose water has many more benefits than we give it credit for, from soothing skin, to stimulating the senses. It is also naturally anti-inflammatory, contains natural antioxidants and has a strong connection to enhancing the mood!!

A 2011 study found it relieved headaches, had a natural antidepressant and anti-anxiety effect and even calmed the central nervous system!

Note from Fran
We love to hear from you!! Do you practise ‘slow living’, do you have small daily rituals that you can use to be more mindful and pause? Send us pics, videos and stories of how FYI organic skincare products have become part of your journey of slowing down and practising self-love. Or let us know how they have helped you if you are experiencing the menopause or other hormonal imbalances. We may send you a free gift and feature you on our website or social media!

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