Organic skincare, hormones and ageing well


Organic skincare, hormones
and ageing well


Organic skincare, hormones and ageing well

“It wasn’t until I switched to an organically rich skincare routine that I could see how intrinsically connected my skin and hormones were.

Hello and welcome! I’m Franchine, and I’m thrilled you’re here to explore my story, my products, and the essence of my brand.

If you’re currently grappling with skin issues, especially those sparked by hormonal imbalances like menopause, I want to offer you some hope. Personally, I’ve experienced a remarkable transformation by embracing an organically enriched skincare routine.

Little did I know that a sudden facial rash, amidst a sea of menopausal challenges, would lead me to create my own organic skincare brand. If you relate to the skin changes that accompany hormonal shifts, particularly during menopause, I invite you to delve into my story. It just might provide the insights and guidance you need.

Our brand is inclusive of all skin types and ages, welcoming those serious about clean and organic skincare. We harness the power of plant oils to treat, heal, and nourish, all while steering clear of parabens and harmful ingredients.

Please note: I’m not a medical expert, but I’ve navigated a challenging menopause journey and wish to share my story in the hope that it resonates and helps you.

How hormones
impact your skin

How hormones impact your skin

How hormones impact your skin

Experiencing the symptoms of perimenopause can be confusing, especially when they’re intertwined with other health issues. For me, it all started in my early 40s, with a severe bout of Shingles that partially paralysed my face, leading to a condition called Ramsey Hunt Syndrome. A weakened immune system and a serious flu a few years later subsequently led to a diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME).

As I approached 50, my body felt besieged, both physically and mentally. I suspect the continuous health challenges of my 40s left me ill-prepared for the significant hormonal shifts of menopause. It was a period of ‘searching for answers’ to various symptoms, unable to see the bigger picture.

Two pivotal moments changed my journey for the better. First, a rash appeared on my face for which I was prescribed generic treatments that worsened it. Second, a conversation with a knowledgeable gynaecologist connected the dots between my symptoms, skin issues, and menopause.

Eager for solutions, I delved into online forums, consulted experts, and realised that hormone fluctuations also affect the skin. The rapid drop in oestrogen during menopause (up to 30%) leads to reduced skin elasticity and signs of ageing in the face, neck, and décolletage happen more rapidly. Some women, like me, experience changes in pH levels, making their skin more susceptible to itching, rashes, and irritation. Additionally, the skin struggles to retain moisture, leading to increased vulnerability to cracking and flaking. 

I realised that my trusted skincare routines and products were no longer effective. It was time to make conscious choices and prioritise skincare that addressed these new challenges. Organic skincare with plant oils and natural toners without preservatives or alcohol additives became my allies.


Mindset and menopause: embracing change

Throughout my life, I’ve sought ‘cures’ for every ailment, and perimenopause was no exception. I meticulously documented all 29 of its symptoms I was experiencing and embarked on a quest to conquer each one.

In my pursuit of a ‘cure,’ I devoured books, joined menopause forums, enrolled in online classes, and tried countless recommended remedies and vitamins. But eventually, I realised that running from it wasn’t the answer.

An online encounter with the remarkable Tania Elfersy, creator of The Wiser Woman Project and author of ‘The Wiser Woman’s Guide to Perimenopause and Menopause,’ led me to a place of acceptance. I learned to ‘lean in’ to my body, listen to its signals, and embrace my internal wisdom.

As I began to listen to other women’s stories, I saw how the modern world pushes us to extremes, juggling numerous roles and responsibilities while facing environmental challenges like parabens and chemicals, poor air quality, and more. Many of us have been raised to prioritise caregiving, assuming more duties as we age. And then, in the midst of it all, we experience one of life’s most significant transitions: menopause.

Skin and menopause: the power of plants

Caring for my skin began with a shift in mindset – a journey of acceptance. I stopped seeking a ‘cure’ and recognised that my body had its own wisdom. I learned to rest, recharge, and let go of the need to fix everything.

I simplified my skincare routine with a holistic approach, understanding the intricate connection between body and mind. I crafted Wonder Balm, a blend of carefully researched ingredients tailored to the changing needs of menopausal skin. Frankincense for preservation, starflower oil for PMS relief, geranium and clary sage essential oils for mood enhancement, and rapeseed oil for skin health were just a few of the ingredients I included.

Wonder Balm became my go-to cleanser, makeup remover, and moisturiser – a 3 in 1 product. It restored the healthy glow I longed for and gave me a feeling of self-care that I had never before experienced with skincare.

By eliminating parabens from my life and choosing clean, organic ingredients, I transformed my 50s and menopause experience. I now embrace symptoms as messages and prioritise self-love through informed choices, even in skincare.

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