Skin Changes During Menopause – About Me and My Wonder Balm Journey

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Franchine Young

“It wasn’t until I began to experience skin changes during menopause that I realised how important my skin was to me. I began to understand that it was a window into my wellbeing; when it was healthy and glowing, so too was my soul.” 

Hello, I’m Franchine, and I am delighted you’re here discovering more about my Wonder Balm and how it came to be as a result of my skin changes during menopause. 

Perimenopause – The Beginning


I began to experience perimenopause in my mid 40s, and had absolutely no idea that’s what was happening to me. As I moved into menopause the already varied and intense symptoms became more aggressive. They ranged from pins-and-needles, joint pains, muscle aches, night terrors, panic attacks, night sweats, hot flushes, numbness in fingers and toes to harrowing bouts of health anxiety. I had been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome some 10 years earlier, and although symptoms had been generally under control prior to menopause, I also noticed a return of many of the old symptoms. Despite seeking help from so many experts, my symptoms were often put down to a relapse of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and so misdiagnosis continued.

Menopause Rash 


It all came to a head on one very precise morning, when I awoke with an angry rash on my face. Until that point I was able to mask myself behind a little make-up. No matter how bad things were and how terrible I felt, I could at least apply a little armour, get out into the day and keep going. The facial rash put a stop to all that; nothing would conceal it and no prescription or potion would heal it.

Plant Based Skincare 


Although I only practiced on my family, I was a trained reflexologist and some twenty years prior I had dabbled in making my own skin cream.  I found myself returning to these roots and seeking my own plant-powered remedy. My knowledge of essential oils and plants was sound, but I spent months researching at a much deeper level, and experimenting with various organic blends and intensities. After many trials I began regularly using a particular combination. My rash vanished. I continued to use the balm I had created. 

Wonder Balm – My Natural Skincare Began Growing Momentum


I loved the idea of a multi-use product.  I also appreciated that often with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and during menopause my skin was hyper sensitive to non-organic products. Family members reached out and asked for samples. People gave compliments about the appearance of my skin. Soon friends were asking for jars, and then friends of friends began asking. 

Perhaps I would still be developing batches just for these select family and social circles were it not for a serendipitous opportunity to turn my balm into a business. It became an opportunity to help others whose skin is undergoing change and who want to find cleaner beauty solutions.  

Caring for More Than Skin


This journey to create something healing, natural and good for my skin has become something much bigger and more important. Nature and purity had always drawn me in, but now I make very deliberate life choices to seek out simplicity in everything, not just my skincare.  

Menopause – Just the Beginning 


At the time I thought menopause was going to be the end of me. In fact, it became the beginning of a better understanding not just of my skin, but of myself and how I wanted to live more considerately, more lightly and more presently in the world.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my story. Contact me any time as I’d love to hear yours. And by all means, visit here to find out more about our beautiful Wonder Balm. 

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